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We have tried out several science kits for Bruce (6y) over the past couple of years, and the Young Scientist Series is one of our favorites so far. Each kit comes with almost all of the materials for three separate experiments, along with three scripts for the parent to read.

The first kit we tried was Set 3, “Minerals, Crystals, and Fossils”. This kit was great, and I highly recommend it for birthday gifts or summer fun.

The second kit we tried was Set 1, “Recycling, Scientific Measurement, and Magnets”. This kit was not nearly as good as the first, but that is mainly due to my own reluctance to actually let Bruce do the first experiment, which involved making paper. I remembered the 1st/2nd grade class doing this experiment at my old school, and I can still vividly picture my friend Michele’s ruined blender! There is no way I am going to let paper-making go anywhere near my Vitamix, which is my favorite kitchen appliance of all time! I still have the all of the materials for this experiment however, so the next time Doug goes up into the attic he can bring down our old blend and Bruce can start making paper.

Additional science kits we have tried that are fun, but not quite as well scripted as the Young Scientist Series, are the Magic School Bus kits. When Bruce was four and a huge fan of Ms. Frizzle, we bought two of these kits. Bruce had a lot of fun with them, but I can’t really report fully about what they were like because Jenna was newborn at the time and he worked through a lot of the experiments with the wonderful teenager we hired to take care of him while Jenna and I napped. These were the two kits we had:

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  1. fossil hunting is also good idea as in door activity for children

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