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MEP Math, Initial Impressions

First off, I’m still painfully ignorant about this program, so this in no way counts as a review of its merits or defaults.  I do know however that MEP is a free math program desinged for students in the UK after much research and review of math curriculums from all over the world. The primary sequence specifically is based on a program from Hungary.

My friend and sorority sister Claire suggested I take a look at MEP for Jenna (age 24m).  When I first looked at it, I really didn’t give it a fair chance.  I was looking at the lesson plans, without looking at the pages that go with them.  Once I got the kids squared away with my husband at the park one Saturday and was really able to peruse the website and print some of the material out, I was much more intrigued.  Since the program is free, I decided to at least try the first ten lessons of the “reception” year with Jenna.

I have done the first two lessons with Jenna so far, and she is really excited about them.  She loves looking at the pictures and answering questions.  Working through lesson one really made me aware about how hazy Jenna still is on her colors.  I think I reported in an earlier post that she knew all of her colors. Wrong!  Wrong!  Wrong!  So lesson one became a color recognition activity as well as a counting one. In lesson two, when you are looking at objects that are bigger versus smaller, we continued the lesson with real life examples by building things with blocks. 

I’ll have to wait and see what my final opinion is of MEP, but one thing that has jumped out at me from the first two lessons is how well this might prepare a child to take a test like the Cogat6, because it requires students to analyze pictures and answer questions about them.  As we do more lessons along the way, I’ll report back.  I plan on doing 2-3 activities a week.


  1. Melissa says:

    I’m wondering did you continue with it? I’m looking at it for my 4yo and wondering if it’s worth it.

    • jenbrdsly says:

      I put MEP on hold, along with any formal math program for Jenna right now. See Does Your Two Year old Know the Quantity 3?

      Jenna is only 2.5 years old, and so I still have some time. She needs to be able to grasp the quantities of 3 and 4, as well as be able to do A-B-A patterns. Your 4 year old could probably do that easily, so I’d say Yes! MEP is definitely worth trying out because it is free.

  2. Kim says:

    We have begun using MEP this school year and this semester we will be supplimenting a bit with materials I already had on hand. Though I am not sure, we will probably be back to the MEP. It is awesome and the price can’t really be beat. My only drawback is some times it requires more teacher time and with 4 on 3 different levels sometimes that is difficult. I agree absolutely worth a second look.

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