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Kids in the Kitchen

For a special family dinner with my folks last  weekend I put Bruce to work making the lemon cake in the bread machine, and making spinach/artichoke dip in our Vitamix.

If I hadn’t have been running around like a crazy person trying to get the rest of the dinner put together, I could have incorporated Jenna’s “help” into the action too.  But at least my patience lasted along to help facilitate Bruce’s contribution, which turned out quite well.

Bruce’s lemon cake with chocolate fondue.

I don’t know if any of you have a bread machine but they are a great way to have kids help cook.  All a small child has to do is dump in the ingredients, and then the machine does all of the rest.  It makes cooking with kids a lot less messy.

I’d love to hear other people’s ideas about kids participating in cooking.  I’m always looking for new tips!


  1. Claire H. says:

    If you can ignore the “training our daughters to be keepers at home” aspect (*GAG*), we really like the activities from Pearables Home Economics for Homeschoolers book. I do them with both my daughters and my son.

    • jenbrdsly says:

      I haven’t seen that one. I’ll look for it. We use to have a whole cooking curriculum when I taught K/1.

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