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ABC Practice

A couple of months ago I had purchased Pre K Hooked on Phonics kit.  It’s designed for 3 years on up, but I decided to buy it anyways, out of curiosity.  I was impressed with the DVD that came with it, and Jenna watched it about a dozen times before we moved on to “Leap Frog’s Letter Factory”.  We also have been reading two of the books, The Cereal Box and The Party.  For some reason, Jenna doesn’t want to read any of the other four books that came with the set. 

At 23 months, Jenna is still too young to follow the Pre K Hooked on Phonics instructions.  She just stomped on the flashcards when I gave it a try today!  But that doesn’t mean that she can’t benefit from any of the materials, especially if I modify how I use them.

Today for example, after the ABC cards were thoruoughly trod upon, I threw in an on-the-fly phonemic awareness activity.  While Jenna was sitting still for all of three minutes, I whipped through as many of the cards as I could.

Showing the web:  “W-W-W-W- Web!”  Flip card over showing the letter  “W”

Showing the escalator going up:  “U-U-U-U Up!”  Flip card over showing the letter “U”

We are not doing this activity every day.  Rather, I have the boxes sitting in the living room, and when Jenna sees them and wants to get them out, we do and it’s really fun.  We read the two books, we play with the flashcards, and she gets a star sticker.  Eventually, we will be able to do some of the actual Hooked on Phonics games, but we aren’t quite there yet.


  1. Claire H. says:

    At least she’s not trying to eat the flashcards like my 2 y.o. 🙂

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