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Outside Fraction Lesson

We took our fraction lesson outside today.  Bruce has been reading Life of Fred Fractions and is now on chapter 28th.  I like to try to include as many hands on lessons as possible, so we did this one spur of the moment, on reducing and multiplying.  Normally I’d do this activity with M’nM’s and peanut butter, but I didn’t have any.

Here we start with a review of naming fractions, and the terms numerator and denominator.

This is where you “peanut butter” them together, (if we had peanut butter), to reduce the fraction.

Next we reviewed multiplication.  First we did with the algorithm from Life of Fred.  So starting out, Bruce knew the answer was going to be 1/6.  Then he needed to prove it by ripping the leaves in half and sharing 1/2 of the green leaf with me.

Here’s the answer shown in leaves and Bruce’s own handwriting.  1/6!

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