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ABC Activity and Assessment

Jenna and I bought these ABC stickers at the craft-store a few days agof for $3.  They are absolutely awful for toddlers, in that they are hard to take off the sheet, and have little holes to punch out to make the letters look right.  Oh yeah, and they are choking hazards!  But if you get past all of that, then it does become a fun activity to do with a 22 month old.  We sat at Jenna’s little table and chairs for about twenty minutes punching out letters and sticking them places, including her paper on occasion.

I started out trying to make simple words with her, like her name and some -at words.  Clearly she wasn’t ready for this, so I moved to to simple letter and sound identification.  On that, she totally rocked!  Jenna now knows almost all of her uppercase letters, and can supply their sounds if you sing the song from the Leap Frog Letter Factory video.  “The A says ah, they A says ah, Every letter makes a sound the A says ah.”  This turned out to be a really good way to conduct an accurate assessment of what she knows.  I feel like this was $3 well spent!

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