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Independent Reading for Toddlers

Independent reading is definitely possible for toddlers, and is in fact an important part of their learning experience. I try to make sure that Jenna sits down and looks at books on her own at least five minutes a day.  To help facilitate this, she has her own box of books that she can “read” all by herself.  I put in familiar favorites, as well as all of our homemade books featuring Jenna personally.  She is just at the age where she is starting to memorize passages from books, and so those are good choices for her box too.  Having a box of “just right books” is a good idea for kids of any age, so you can adapt this idea for older children too.


  1. Sally Lucas says:

    I like the idea of the box for books. I hope some of my easy readers will find their way inside. I have found that my DANCING DINOS series books are easy to memorize because they incorporate RHYME, RHYTHM, and REPETITION.
    I, too, was once a stay at home mom. (with five children under the age of six.)


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