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Scratch, a follow up

Last week I uploaded Scratch to our computer, and introduced it to Bruce.  http://teachingmybabytoread.blog.com/2011/04/28/scratch/  He’s worked with it several times since, and is interested in it, but not yet obsessed.  Bruce really wants to be able to use Scratch to create his own video game, but he still needs to get through the learning curve of how to use it first.

So far, he has made the cat move and say meow, and has also mastered the paint feature.  He really likes how the commands are lego based, meaning you snap the opperations together to make a complete unit.  (I’m sure there are correct computer programing terminology for that, but I have no idea what those vocab words would be!)  I think Bruce would be more interested in Scratch if it weren’t for his current fascination with “Stack the States“.  Right now, that’s his first choice to play when he has earned screen time.

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