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21 Months Old

It’s been a while since I summarized what exactly I’m doing with Jenna at this age.  I’m using this term loosely, but our “program” consists of doing the Morning Message each day, making and reading homemade books, playing with letters in the bathtub, and watching Super Why and the Letter Factory videos on an every-other-day basis.  We also read books together for at least an hour every day.

Of course, we do lots of other things too, like play outside, play dress up, engage in imaginative play, sing songs, attend a play group etc.  But I am actively teaching her letters and sounds, and she has shown a lot of improvement in just three short months.  Jenna knows almost all of her upper case letters, close to half of her lower case letters, and an can put sounds together with letters if you prompt her. Eg: “The k says /k/, the k says /k/, every letter makes a sound the k says /k/.”  We haven’t done sound boxes in a while, but that’s mainly because I’ve been so busy.  That’s next on my agenda.

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