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This looks like New Hampshire

Here’s a follow up on the Ipod Touch App, “Stack the States”, that Bruce played while on our trip to San Diego.  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stack-the-states/id381342267?mt=8  Actually I should use the present tense here, because he’s still playing it under our usual two pages of math = 30 minutes of screen time agreement.  I wish I had a picture of Bruce playing this game on the airplane, but since my husband and I were so occupied with walking Jenna up and down the aisle of the airplane for three hours, I was too harried at the time to think of it.  (Yes, we were that family!)

Stack the States is simple but awesome.  Bruce really enjoys playing it, and has already learned a lot.  The other day he saw a torn piece of paper and remarked, “Hey mom, this looks like New Hampshire!”  He was right, it did.  But how many six year olds know that?  Learning states and capitals is traditionally a third and fourth grade skill, but this game is appropriate for any child with strong reading skills.  Bruce is constantly mispronouncing things, but he’s still learning.  He’ll probably have all of his states and capitals memorized in another month.  For $.99, this was totally worth it.


  1. Claire H. says:

    Do you have the “Scrambled States of America” board game? My two older kids love playing that.

    GeoToys.com sells some fun jigsaw puzzles where the pieces are shaped like individual countries or states/provinces. But you’d need to keep them away from your toddler as they’re choking hazards…

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