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Multiplication Memory

Here’s a game we have been playing this week from Right Start Math.  http://activitiesforlearning.com/mathcardgames.aspx  It’s called Multiplcation Memory.  We have special cards for it, but you could make them at home too.  This game is set up for X 6s.  You put 6 on the left.  Then you put out 10 cards numbered 1-10.  Then you put the = sign.  Then you put out the products: 6, 12, 18. 24, 30 etc.  After that it pretty much works like the normal memory game.

Bruce already has a solid conceptual understanding of multiplication, and is now just working on memory recall of facts.  This is a fun alternative to flashcards, although at some point we might use flashcards too.  As a teacher, I would notplay this game with a child who was a multiplication novice, but it is fine for Bruce.

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