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Artemis Fowl

Bruce read  J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit with my husband last month, and so it was my turn to do bedtime read aloud with Bruce.  Sometimes we let Bruce pick the book, but sometimes my husband or I choose as a way of introducing him to new material.  This time, I chose  Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl, a book I had in my collection but had never read.  http://www.artemisfowl.com/

We are about 100 pages into it, and it is right up Bruce’s alley.  There’s magic, blaster weapons, an evil kid-genius master mind, and lot’s of spying.  There are also a lot superfluous references to Disneyland, attributed to the fact the publisher is owned by Disney, I think.  So far, the book is pretty entertaining, but nowhere nearly as good as Harry Potter.

The first night we were reading Bruce tried his usual trick of reading ahead several chapters by himself after he was supposed to go to bed, but the next night he asked me to go back and read from where he left off.  He said he didn’t really understand what was going on in the pages he read.  So today I looked up what Guided Reading Level Artemis Fowl is, and it is level Y, which means 6th grade.  No wonder it was too hard for the little guy!

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