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Dreambox Math Review

Dreambox math is something that has really made a difference for Bruce.  http://www.dreambox.com/  It helps kids learn math skills by visualizing numbers as dots, sets, and ten frames.  Kids get to choose their own character, and progress through adventures of increasing difficulty.  Parents get to see what standards their kids are learning by checking out the parent dashboard.

Bruce started playing Dreambox before it was officially online as a beta tester when he was three.  Back then, the concepts were the right level for him, but he got bored with having ten problems in each set.  After three problems of the same type, he wanted to move onto something else.  He played Dreambox off and on around this age, but never consistently. It didn’t matter at the time, because as a beta tester, Bruce got to play for free.

Then the summer Jenna was born and Bruce turned four, I signed him up for a couple of months.  By that time, Dreambox was online and cost about $15 a month, with the first two weeks being free.  Since I was sacked out on the couch nursing a newborn, I let Bruce play as much as he wanted.   He polished off the Kindergarten and first grade curriculum over that summer, and then lost interest and we canceled our subscription.

By Christmas of his Kindergarten year, at age 5, Bruce expressed interest in Dreambox again so I signed him up.  It was a great activity for him to do over Christmas vacation, and he worked on a lot of second grade skills.  After about a month, he was more interested in playing with his new Christmas presents, so I canceled our subscription.  I might sign him up again this summer if he is interested, so he can work on the third grade content.

All in all, we only spend about $30 total for Bruce’s Dreambox experience, and it was totally worth it!  It’s definitely worth having your child try it for the first two weeks, which are free.  It is really easy to cancel your subscription, and they don’t give you any grief.

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