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Sound Box

Here is a fun idea to teach phonemic awareness, and it doesn’t cost any money.  Phonemic awareness is knowing what sounds begin words, and the ability to break words into their different sound parts.  The strength of a child’s phonemic awareness, is one of the best predictors of his or her ability to learn to read.

Jenna and I put together this sound box for the /k/ sound, in under ten minutes.  I used an old tissue box, and she helped me gather toys in the playroom that went inside.  Here are some of the things we chose: carrot, caribener, compass, car, camera, cub and cookie.  On one side of the box I put the letter “c”, and on the other side it says “k”. We made this box on Saturday, and will play with it a few days before we make our next box, for the sound /t/.


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