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Surreptitious Learning

Surreptitious was our Magic Word from yesterday.  Today’s word is sluggish.  Bruce must be pulling from the “s” section of the box.

Anyway, here’s another way you can sneak in some teaching with your young child.  We’ve had these bath-time letters since Jenna was about 16 months old.  They have definitely been helping her with letter identification.  Bruce had similar toys when he was that age, but they have since been given away.  I have two big issues with Jenna’s set,  one of which you might have already guessed.

Issue #1  – They are all uppercase letters!  That’s definitely a big problem, because lower case letters are so much more important.  In my defense,  I purchased what was available at the time.

Issue #2 – Jenna keeps pooping in the bath!  Each time this happens, we have to bleach out the whole bathtub, including all of the toys and letters.  What a pain in the neck.

What about you?  Do you have any surreptitious ways of sneaking in letters and phonics throughout the day?


  1. Cindy says:

    LOL! Makenna just pooped the tub and the tub was full of a similar toy – all of which had to be washed. Blah.

  2. jenbrdsly says:

    That must have left you down in the dumps.

  3. Claire H. says:

    We have a set of bath letters that include lower case ones. It’s called Munchkin Sea & Learn.

    We also have a Leap Frog Word Whammer with letter magnets, alphabet blocks, alphabet puzzles, and I’ve got a couple of those wall alphabet strips that you’re probably familiar with from your old classroom (one in cursive, one in manuscript).

  4. jenbrdsly says:

    I’ll have to check those out! We use to have the Leap Frog magnets but they kept getting lost.

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