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Bob Books, Boring But Brilliant

What do you do when your child already knows their lower case letters and sounds? The next step is to start teaching them simple Consonant Vowel Consonant words, and showing them that yes, they are readers. A great series for introducing CVc words, is the Bob Books.

You can probably check them out for free at your local library, but we bought a set for our family’s use to make things easier.  If you do go the library route, make sure that you check them out in order.  That’s very important!  Series one, book one etc.  You can look up the title list on the website, so you know what to get.

Before I introduced each book to Bruce, I would teach him how to sound out the words that were going to be presented.  I made an envelope for each book, with all of the words listed on it, plus little letter flashcards to go with each word.  Note that the vowels were in different colors.

Introducing the words first was critical, because that way when Bruce started reading the book it was really easy for him.  Even still, Bruce found the Bob Books incredibly boring.  He started reading set one when he was three, and didn’t finish set six until a year later.  By the end there, I had resorted to bribery.  Every six books he read earned a brand new Star Wars book.  As a teacher though, I knew that the Bob Books would give him the skills he needed to read whatever he wanted, and that it was important to push through them.


  1. Claire H. says:

    My kids all liked the “Hooked on Phonics” readers better than the BOB Books. Similar program but better illustrations.

  2. Claire H. says:

    You can buy the readers separately from the full HOP here (scroll down about halfway). Or you can look for deals on EBay.

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