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Writing Folder

Here’s a peak at what Bruce’s at-home writing folder looks like.  There are stories he’s written, stationary, envelopes, personalized address labels, extra paper, stickers, blank books,  and his own personal dictionary.  He likes to write letters to his friends, type stories on the computer, write them out by hand, or just read his previous compositions.  The parchment paper is from his Harry Potter quill and ink set.  Good luck trying to decipher that! 

A writing folder is something you can start with your own child as soon as they can draw a picture.  Some of Bruce’s first stories were ones I wrote down and he illustrated.  I haven’t started a folder for Jenna yet, because all she does is scribble, but her time is coming soon.

Teachers sometimes use what’s called a writing portfolio in their classrooms.  Those are usually collections of a students best, most polished work.   This is just a collection of Bruce’s writings.  It’s meant to me fun, with no pressure attached.

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