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Do Leap Pads Really Work?

I’m not sure if this is a Leap Pad, or a Little Leap Pad.  We bought it four years ago for Bruce when he was just a baby.  My impression of it has been than it has been moderately useful as an entertainment device, and perhaps was a little bit instructional as well, depending on how you use it.

If you were to send your toddler off to the playroom with this thing, and say “Have fun!”, this would be a total waste.  When you sit down with your child and interact with it together, I think it has merit.

But my guilty secret?  The times when I bring out the Leap Pad the most, are when I’m sick and have a sore throat.  Both my children love to be read to, and when I’m not feeling well that’s tough.  But Jenna is perfectly happy to sit in the lazy boy while I push all of the characters and make them talk.   Or when it’s six am Sunday morning and you haven’t had your coffee yet?  That’s another great time to break this thing out.

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